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RotiRozee is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We have dedicated volunteers who passionately work to help the poor and needy in the poverty struck areas. Our programs include distribution of essential food packages, milk and bread for children and orphans, cooked meals, clothing, free education for children and empowering women by training and setting up a business for them so that they can be self-sufficient.

We strive to work tirelessly to serve humanity, i.e., help the poor and needy. Our team of volunteers ensures every penny is going to the deserving individuals and families. All donations raised reach the poor as we have zero overhead costs. We are constantly creating programs to provide free training to women and children.

The mission of RotiRozee is to serve the poor and needy in India by providing food packages, cooked meals, clean water, clothing, women empowerment, support orphans, free training for jobs, free education, free healthcare.


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Essential Food Packages

Rotirozee strives to help the poor by providing ample amounts of food to families and orphans who are not able to provide for themselves. We have distributed to thousands so far and will continue to do so with your generous support. The cost of each package is USD 25.

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Rice Bags

Rice is a staple food in India. Each rice bag is 25 Kg of good quality rice that can feed a family for a few days. you can donate by your name, Sadaqa, or your loved ones. Please donate generously. The cost of 1 rice Bag is USD 15.

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Cooked Meals

Under this program, we bring all items and cook in large containers. We pack in boxes that are enough to feed an individual. The food contains rice, meat, vegetables. The cost of each box is USD 2. Please donate for as many boxes you like, each box makes a difference.

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Education Support

We believe that education is important to build a strong career. This program sponsors children, especially orphans and sends them to good English medium schools. We have collaborated with faculties, schools, and colleges. People don’t have money to eat a full meal a day, how can they pay for education?

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We have distributed t-shirts, sarees, and shirts to the needy. In winter, we distribute sweaters to help the needy, especially elder and children who cannot bear the severe winters. The cost of decent closing per individual is USD 10. Please donate and support as many people as you like.

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Orphan Support

There are many unfortunate orphans that desperately need our help and support. We help them with their basic needs, education, healthcare and provide essential food. When they are done with schooling we provide free technical training through our partners. Please donate and support us.

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Clean Water

There are many people who don’t have access to clean water. We arrange water tankers and send in these areas especially during hot summers. Cost of each water tank is USD 30, about 5000 litres which can help many families. Please donate and support us.

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Health Care

Many people are unable to see Doctors and visit hospitals to get cured. Rotirozee has a network of health care professionals who volunteer their time and energy to help the needy at a minimal or no-cost. Our team also works with the local government to help people apply for financial support in hospitals.

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“May Allah swt accept your donations and give you tremendous rewards in this world and hereafter”

Mutual Respect and Care for All

Equity, Justice, Honesty and Transparency

Self Respect and Solidarity with the Poor


Thank you for Generous Support!


Thank you for Generous Support!


Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Thinking about how you want to benefit from volunteering is a good start to finding an opportunity that’s right for you.