10 Reminders During Covid-19

10 Reminders During Covid-19

10 Reminders During Covid-19

President Trump declared a national emergency to cope with the outbreak of coronavirus that has consumed the lives of thousands of people around the world. It’s very understandable that we have an environment of fear. People are very anxious and stressed about their own safety, the safety of their loved ones and their families. But I want to remind you, that Allah SWT says that nothing will afflict us except what the law has already decreed for us. And this is a concept that we need to be aware of and remember all the time, that He SWT is our Protector.

In Surat al-Baqarah verse after verse Allah SWT is repeating the same statement that we will be tested, but those who are going to be patient are the ones who are going to be successful. So, in the next days and weeks, there are many things we can do to help us cope with this test:

1.   Compose Yourself: Be calm, collected, confident and positive. Be confident that Allah SWT is there to protect you.

2.   Bigger Picture: What is Allah SWT trying to teach us at this moment? Try to drive lessons from this test.

3.   Inner Reflection: Ask yourself how you can be of help or how you can create an environment of positivity. How can you be a positive role model for the people around you?

4.   Family Time: Make sure that you sit down with your family and children to explain what’s going on and remain hopeful. If you have elderly parents take care of them.

5.   Increase Your Ibadah: Ask Allah SWT for forgiveness, increase the adhkar in your daily life.

6.   Give Charity: The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says charity extinguishes the wrath and the anger of Allah SWT. Donate

7.   Rekindle Your Iman: Rekindle your connection with Allah and with the Quran.

8.   Believe in Qadr Allah: Hold firm in the believe that everything good and bad is from Allah SWT.

9.   Don’t Procrastinate: If you’ve had any thoughts or plans to do good, don’t delay it.

10.   Be a Responsible Citizen: Take all hygiene precautions and directions from the CDC and government. Be careful before spreading incorrect information.

In the end, no matter what happens we have the firm believe that Allah SWT is in control. I ask Allah swt to protect us all, I ask Allah swt to protect your families, your children, and I ask Allah SWT to remove this virus from our lives. Ameen!


Source: HHRD.ORG